Private Medical Insurance

There’s nothing more important in life than your health and the health of your family. If you or your loved ones were to experience worrying symptoms, private health insurance can offer reassurance and control at a difficult time.

  • Our independent financial advisers will take you through a step by step process to understand what type and amount of cover you will need for your circumstances, which may include private medical insurance.
  • They will explain the cover proposed in jargon-free language.
  • Our independence allows us to research and source the right product for your needs from the whole marketplace and our advisers will manage your application from beginning to end.

What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance (often also referred to as health insurance) gives you access to private healthcare for conditions that develop after your policy has started. One of the main benefits is the speed of access to medical treatment.

You’ll pay a monthly premium which covers all or some of the costs for your treatment. You’ll be covered for conditions that begin after joining which can be cured. These are known as ‘acute conditions’. The environment you’ll be treated in will vary depending on where you’re located and the type of treatment you need. You could be treated in a private hospital, health centre or private section of an NHS hospital.

Do you need Private Medical Insurance?

Private Health Care can give you that extra peace of mind and if you can afford to pay the premiums you might decide it’s worth paying extra to have more choice over your care. Benefits include:

  • Faster diagnosis
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Choose from a range of private facilities
  • Choose a convenient time for appointment and treatment

What does it cover?

The level of cover depends on your individual policy but basic health insurance usually covers the costs of most in-patient treatments and day care surgery. Other policies extend to out-patient treatments. Some comprehensive policies include cover for extra treatments such as mental health, depression and physiotherapy.

When does it pay?

Once confirmed with your policy provider, the insurance enables you to claim for the cost of the private medical care rather than paying for it yourself.

How much does private medical insurance cost?

The cost of private health insurance varies by provider and by the level of cover you require. Factors that affect your premiums include:

  • How comprehensive the policy is
  • Single or joint policy
  • Your age
  • Your health and medical history
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your location

Is Private Medical Insurance for you?

If you would like to benefit from the advantages that private medical insurance can bring then our independent financial advisers will take you through a step by step process to find the right Private Medical Insurance for you. Once agreed they will then manage your application from start to finish.

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If you stop paying premiums your cover will cease

Protection policies are subject to underwriting. The provider may exclude certain circumstances or increase your premium as a result of this process

You may find that the cover provided is less than you need if it is not reviewed regularly